Saturday, 4 October 2014

What do I talk- to my Kids?

"It is important to have a dashing personality" Be it while attending an interview or gr bride/groom selection,Grooming starts as early as when the child is a toddler. " The little one can turn out to be  a  king kong or  settle down as a door mat !


 I feel parenting has a greater impact, the socializing pattern and the culture in which we have been brought  up has a bearing on our emotions and behavior.

 I  appreciate the sincere efforts taken by parents to enroll kids in the best top schools and in all possible classes, extra circular programs hoping to see an IITian  football, sport champion in the near future. 

My next stand would be 'What is the rapport between children of today and their parents'? Sensitive question indeed!

Any healthy conversation happening between kids and parents? Not Really!

 Why not happy chat - between them- Sample this.

1. Dear Anu 'What fascinated you in today's newspaper'?

2.  Hi Biju  just tell me when  you r mad at someone what's the first you tend to do?

3. Maya 'Did you enjoy the harry potter series I got you recently?

How many families take out time to dine together? It's not the question of time it's the question of attitude and the wanting to bond and know more about your kids


'Next time don't you feel you have ran out of topics when you converse with your kid' -

The Magic is really happening!

Friday, 3 October 2014

If you're (IN) different - Give it a read!

"Attitude is a small thing, which makes a huge difference" - I tried to comprehend this phrase and realized there is a totally different meaning associated with it! I had been under the perception that attitude is a reflection of one's personality, the unique character traits one holds! But I am totally flawed!

Let me narrate few things!
If you got this- you're very close to having an amazing attitude!

  • -To have a great attitude, you should just not be yourself!
  • -Words such as don't worry, I will be there no matter what- are out of fashion
  • -Like I care, 'What ever' (Body language)- Artificial smile 

I understand that attitude and personality need to be poles apart, that's the new trend...

  1. Just try starting a fresh new conversation with your colleague , the more you talk, the more freaky your seen
  2. When you are in absolute distress text a buddy seeking help  the response you might get is "Make it quick, I got better things to do"
  3. Well, argue with your friend and the reply you would get in the end "WHATEVA, I understand, It just cant work"
  4. Talk to your love bug after a horrible fight '

  •  Darling I love you eternally"
  • Reply "Well, Its hard, and may not work out- Lets see"
  • But 'I love you'
  • 'Oh yes even I do. But 'Maybe'
  • What May be'?
  • K

 Does it sound familiar! - Well, we have all fallen into the trap sometime or the other -

Indifference has become the new trend. The more indifferent one behaves the more one suffers inside. It might look all fancy outside and it might be welcomed with a huge applause but inside the escapist mode s on..

Let me not say 'Oh you have attitude' and I have a problem with it

Let me say 'Oh you have an attitude disorder' I have no problem with it! 

If you can relate- COMMENT- SHARE your experience'


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Await (s) the 'New look'

Mind Space - It's an expression of my thoughts, every random feeling which has created an impact !

Wait! It doesn't stop with that, it would be complete only when readers share there perception too!

I don't believe in maintaining  a genre and trying to revolve around that  small little world!

 Anything that hits your thought process and gives you the WOW feeling for a min needs to be documented! is what I believe..

Lets see how 'Mind Space' can expand and grow to the fullest extend!


Role Model - Lakshmi

Something that touched me!

Nurture yourself; you’re the master of your own self…

“Sacrifices are must and I don’t mind working hard to see my dream come true” says Lakshmi. She wears that ever green smile on her face despite all hardships. She was born and brought up in a family which could neither support her nor guide her. Lakshmi was wedded in her early teens and her lifestyle didn’t change for any good. It only brought additional unwanted responsibility and burden. Despite all odds, she stands all confident and believes that there is something great that’s waiting. She quotes that ‘when the going gets tough; the tough get going”.

 Lakshmi had to make important decisions to sculpt her children’s future. Her decisions and strategic moves play a very important role in determining their future. She is very much aware of her limitations. Lakshmi being a road side vendor selling consumers non durable and perishables finds it very difficult to manage her expenses. “Chennai is a very expensive place, prices are sky rocketing. It’s sometimes very hard to meet our basic necessities. It’s the game of survival of the fittest.” she says. There is no immediate scope to either expand or diversify her business. She felt the only way to sustain is to save!

 A strong believer and a patient achiever is what defines her. Being a school dropout she had experienced the pain of not being educated. Her strong desires to see her children educated propelled her and convince others in her neighborhood to join the ‘Post office saving scheme’ thereby save every penny they earn. When asked her “How difficult it was to save a portion of her income, when she was in dire need of finance?” She smiles and says “It has taught me how to manage my expenses, prioritize my needs and reduce my wants”. Laksnmi started her savings account with mere two hundred rupees and over the years it has multiplied and reaped her returns amounting to ten thousands rupees ‘ I value every rupee, I encourage and advice everyone to save” she says. Lakshmi has indeed seen her dreams come true. Don’t be reluctant to save; it is going to give unimaginable returns in the future. Believing in one’s own self and being self reliant is key to success.

“Sow the seeds now; reap the benefits soon”

Sunday, 28 September 2014

I know you are CrAzYY’`!

    A thin line between friendship and love can drive you crazy at times!

 Yet the mixed feeling showers some sort of bliss in you. You stand gullible and vulnerable trying to understand your special friend, not realizing you have understood very little about your own self.

You have been at your best to impress and win over and been disappointed like a little kid expecting the same in return

I have seen you shamelessly lose the bet every time you decide ‘I shall be myself’ and you are totally clueless of what you’re made of.

 Every minute you sense an element of confusion, trying to figure out the actual relationship! Your tears, unnecessary laughter, secretive behavior probes me to investigative further; you deny with one single illusive word, “Ah its just friendship”.

Whenever there is a buzz you eagerly snatch your phone from my hand, and electric current jerks you up! God only would know how a single ‘hey’ could brighten up your mood…

You seemed so upset when preferences changed in life; you felt it’s probably the best time to leave. You are too tender and meek you easily fall prey to single phone call

I admired the way you ran up to me, seeking advice, looking fully motivated and enlightened by the words I tell you. For I know you have made up your mind already even before you approached me.
You are unclear- You love and hate at the same time. You feel guilty to let go and move on.

 I understand how you feel.   It is not infatuation, not a stupid crush, definitely not friendship and it is far from love.

I am there to give you a big hug, whenever you need. I am there to listen to the same stuff you’re going to repeat

Please don’t think you are insane! Everyone might have gone through some crazy phase like yours! You’re perfectly normal, at least to my eyes you are.

P.S: I don’t have an option- For am your crazy best friend.

Sunday, 2 February 2014


Ready …set …go... And I was there all geared to take up any or all of the competitions ranging from sports to singing. I had` that irresistible urge to win always. I stretched myself far  too beyond – learning, unlearning and relearning lessons about which I had no clue all just to be part of that crew!  Destination to me mattered more than the journey. I strongly relied on jargons like “Never say die”, “Be better than the best” and so on. To me winning was “The Ultimate”. I was straining every nerve and cell just to be on that winner’s pedestal. Oh what a pain!
The strains showed on me and I could not retain the victory cup always. I was left behind and I watched others surging ahead with that winning spree. Distressed and dejected I was, unable to cope with the fact that I wasn’t always the best in life.  The painful realization taught me valuable lessons.  I gradually changed my mindset and believed that just participation will do and it is “After All Everything”. But again the deep desire to be a part of everything had not died.  It was in fact furiously racing within. No wonder, I madly participated in almost all competitions, now that the journey mattered more than the destination!! But participating wasn’t so easy either. It made me
apprehensive and anxious stressing me out.
“Are you a coward?” a voice echoed within. I felt as if darkness was laughing at me in exceeding joy. Was I surrendering to the dark evil?! Something dawned on me all of a sudden. And I watched the transition within me. After all being just “ordinary” wasn’t a crime! I longed to be a passive spectator watching the drama of life. I had graduated sensibly into a plane where I could rely on my inner signals and sense the nascent aroma of freedom. The need “to become” dropped, and I wanted to” just be”.  It gave me heavenly joy and happiness... The freedom of being an unknown, unrecognized an invisible nobody brought me unimaginable peace. To me “anonymity” seemed as the most invaluable gift one could possess.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Wake Up India...

Malice and greed has overpowered humanity. With the recent outrageous brutal actions in its lead such as molest, rape, violence and the like, the future of our country remains at stake.

I am amazed to see youth responding to social issues, voicing out their opinion on a public forum. Certain issue catches the media’s attention and it is talked about world over. Why not wake up for other issues concerning civic sense, corruption, traffic rules, environmental issues health and other social evils all of which need large media coverage and immediate attention. Why can’t we awaken our conscience from the deep slumber of apathy and indifference? Why is that we are insensitive to few issues and over emphasize others. Why this` disparity? What about the hundreds of incidents that happen in front of our eyes but we have never bothered to voice out?  Why blame the system and its mechanism? What have we done to better the system?  Being citizens of a democratic country we all owe responsibility in building and safe guarding the values and integrity of our country. I personally think we need to act not react. Let’s be the change we want to see. After all if we don’t care for each other who will?